You kissed me on my forehead,

Calliedrie: 5 days of working 10-6 distributing copies of Vegas’ newest luxury mag VegasRated! Saving that $ to pay upcoming bills … #anticlimactic

Calliedrie: @Gregmezey Yeah, I use Spotify mostly too. I rarely if ever use my iPod. I just can’t wait to get it hooked up to the speakers in my house.

Calliedrie: RT @alucci: Love, love, love this list. RT @PasteMagazine: Our 10 Favorite Journalists in Pop Culture

Calliedrie: @pat_holmes I loved all #roalddahl books growing up. Did you ever read the BFG? I think he was a jerk in real life though. Dahl, not BFG.

Calliedrie: RT @somaj0r: Dear lord, PLEASE give me the strength to use facebook less, and regain the brain cells lost after reading what these idiot …

Calliedrie: The lady at Harry & David forgot she had already offered me a sample of blueberry chocolate. I just went with it. #noshame

Calliedrie: @CaroDrie I am eating green beans bagel and apple. Come see me!

Calliedrie: “Also, didja know that you have eyes like Bambi’s mom?” #meltingggggg

Calliedrie: I’m at Aliante Station Casino + Hotel (7300 Aliante Pkwy, Elkhorn Rd., Las Vegas)

Calliedrie: @disch0rd last clip.